During the past years, the celebration of the Ignatian Festival has been highlighted with various talks for students, staff and alumni, all on spirituality and men and women for others, as well as nature and sustainability-inspired activities like a Bird Walk (bird watching) on campus. There have also been trips to communities struck by disaster being aided by various groups in Tacloban and Culion. Groups of employees also help out in the kitchens of the Blue Plate feeding program in coordination with the Ateneo Center for Educational Development (ACED).

Annual Ignatian Festival

The Ignatian Festival is a month-long celebration in July designed to enhance Ignatian spirituality and values among alumni, students, faculty and staff of the university. Sponsorships for the Ignatian Festival’s one day event are available .

Ignatian Retreats for Seniors at the Loyola Schools

Every year, the university holds an 8-day Ignatian Retreat for the college graduating class to further deepen their Ignatian Spirituality and values. Some of its participants are financially challenged  and require your support .