Outstanding professors are needed to develop our students to their full potential. Professional Chairs & Research Grants are means to continue upgrading the skills of the Ateneo faculty. By contributing to the Ateneo de Manila Faculty & Research Fund, you give the university the freedom to develop the schools and departments currently prioritized for expansion and support.


The Fr Joaquin G Bernas SJ Endowed Fund - Law School Development Fund


On March 6, 2021, Fr. Joaquin G. Bernas, SJ—Jesuit priest, lawyer, educator, writer, Dean, Provincial Superior, University President, Rector—sadly passed on at the age of 88.

He is best remembered as a pillar of constitutional law, not only in the Ateneo Law School but also in our country, as he contributed immeasurably to the 1987 Constitution.

The Ateneo de Manila University invites those whose lives were personally touched by this great Jesuit priest and educator—as well as others who just wish to give due honor to a man who contributed greatly to the nation through his relentless pursuit of excellence in the subject of Philippine Law and jurisprudence—to help contribute towards keeping his memory and legacy alive by supporting the Fr. Joaquin G. Bernas, SJ Endowed Fund-Law School Development Fund. This Fund provides support for Scholarships, Professorial Chairs, Faculty Development, and other various projects and needs of the Ateneo Law School. 


The Ateneo de Manila Alumnae Professorial Chair for Women's and Gender Studies

The Ateneo de Manila Alumnae Professorial Chair for Women's and Gender Studies

The Rodolfo C Severino Jr Endowment Fund for Diplomacy and International Relations

The Rodolfo C Severino Jr Endowment Fund for Diplomacy and International Relations

The Ateneo College 1980 Professorial Chair

The Ateneo College 1980 Professorial Chair

The J. Carlos P. Reyes, MD Professorial Chair in the Sciences

The development of an endowment or perpetual fund for the J. Carlos P. Reyes, MD Professorial Chair in the Sciences was initiated by the family of Jose Carlos “Caloy” Potenciano Reyes (31 January 1940 - 20 April 2020) led by Gloria “Dodit” Ocampo Reyes and Jose Edmundo “Jodie” O Reyes to commemorate Dr Reyes’ 40th day of prayer on 30 May 2020, to celebrate his life and work, and to assist his alma mater in continued faculty development and teaching excellence at the Ateneo de Manila University. The completion of the permanent fund for the Reyes Professorial Chair is being made possible by generous contributions from Dr Reyes’ friends, former classmates and colleagues, and members of the Reyes family.

After graduating from the Ateneo de Manila University, BS Pre-Med in 1960, Caloy continued postgraduate studies at the Far Eastern University, finishing medicine in 1968. He specialized in Neuro-Otolaryngology, pioneering in Otology, and was given the title "Father of Philippine Neuro-Otology" by his peers. He held clinic at the ENT Department of the University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH), in a private office in Quezon City, and at the University of Santo Tomas (UST). As a medical practitioner, Dr. Caloy, as he was fondly addressed due to his friendliness and kindness, avidly shared his knowledge and experience in Otology with medical students, resident physicians, and consultants at the UP-PGH and UST to help sharpen their learning processes and testing and diagnostic acumen.

The establishment of the J. Carlos P. Reyes Professorial Chair in the Sciences is a testimonial to Caloy, and the family’s contribution to faculty development and education as Caloy was passionate about. The Reyes family has chosen to create a perpetual fund for a Professorial Chair in the Sciences for a far-reaching effect on the greatest number of faculty and students. The new Professorial Chair will provide more funds for faculty to engage in research vital to their continued professional growth, for only a good faculty can produce good students. It is hoped that through the J. Carlos P. Reyes, MD Professorial Chair in the Sciences, the outstanding faculty of the Ateneo will be maintained and Ateneo students will continue to have the excellent Jesuit formation, have better futures, and contribute with fervor to nation-building.

The J. Carlos P. Reyes, MD Professorial Chair in the Sciences is intended for full-time professors and associate professors in the Loyola Schools Departments offering undergraduate courses leading to medicine proper, such as BS Biology, BS Health Sciences, and BS Life Sciences.

Dr. Meneleo G. Carlos Sr., MD Faculty Development Fund

The Dr. Meneleo G. Carlos Sr., MD Faculty Development Fund or "Carlos Chair" is an endowment created through the initiative of friends and associates in memory of Dr. Meneleo Gochico Carlos Sr., MD (AB 1919) during his wake and completed by Engr. and Mrs. Meneleo J Carlos Jr (GS 1941, HS 1947) and Filomena "Mining" Reyes Carlos and members of the Carlos family. Initial donations were turned over to the Ateneo de Manila University on 11 September 1990. The Carlos Chair was formally established on 28 July 1991, the first death anniversary of Dr. Carlos, during a morning function hosted by the University and the donors properly thanked with a Certificate of Appreciation dated 28 July 1991 each signed by Fr. Edmundo M. Martinez, SJ, Vice President for the Planning and Development and Alumni Affairs Office of the University.
       Dr. Meneleo G. Carlos, Sr. was a teacher in his earlier career who inculcated in his family a deep appreciation of the critical importance of quality education for the development of the nation and the need to develop good teachers for such an education.
       The fund is intended for the development of faculty in five school units of the Ateneo de Manila University, namely, the Graduate School of Business, the Computer Graduate Program (today referred to as the Loyola Schools Department of Information Systems and Computer Science or DISCS), the College of Arts and Sciences (now the Loyola Schools, the college unit of the University, established in 2000), the High School (composed of Junior HS and  Senior HS starting SY 2016-2017), and the Grade School, initially on rotation each year among these five units beginning in 1991 with the Ateneo Graduate School of Business followed by the other school units in the sequence enumerated. All things being equal, the greater the number of faculty in each of the school units each year benefited by the Fund, the better.
       Starting in school year 2016-2017, with permission from Engr. Carlos, the fund earnings award a Carlos Professorial Chair yearly and grants to the five school units simultaneously for faculty development. 

The James Francis Warren Research Fellowship (JFW Research Fellowship)

The James Francis Warren Research Fellowship

With the donation of his entire professional. library to the Ateneo de Manila University, Emeritus Professor James Francis Warren brings to our shores the books and materials collected over half a century of scholarly life from the bookstores and archives of Spain, the Netherlands, Britain, the United States, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. His collection on the Chinese in colonial Singapore, as well as in the Sulu Zone provides valuable primary and secondary sources for comparative studies on the Chinese in Southeast Asia. In the same spirit of generosity, the School of the Social Sciences and the History Department envisions the JFW Fellowship to provide airfare, health insurance, stipend, and in-campus lodging for four weeks to researchers from the Philippines and the greater Southeast Asian region.

In this regard, we are pleased to launch the three-year (2022-2025) fundraising campaign for the JFW Fellowship Fund. Through this campaign, our dear friends and benefactors like you can help us in this worthwhile endeavor of supporting research towards a deeper understanding and appreciation of our region - a global and interconnected Southeast Asia.