Graduation Practice Scholarship Campaign 2013

Last March 18 to 20, the 2013 graduates of the Grade School, High School, and Loyola Schools of the Ateneo de Manila University rehearsed for their much-awaited commencement exercises in the High School Covered Courts. The Office of University Development and Alumni Relations (OUDAR) took this opportunity to remind the new alumni and alumnae about the Ignatian pedagogy and their responsibility to turn this into reality. OUDAR showed a 3-minute video clip on how small giving, but many, can make a big contribution to the lives of others. Inspired by the brief presentation, the batch of 2013 enthusiastically participated in the fund raising effort to increase the Ateneo Sesquicentennial Scholarship Fund that aims to escalate the number of scholars in the Loyola Schools to an ambitiousbut reachable 20% of the total Loyola Schools population.

The fundraising activity was such a gracious success. 51% of the 3,034 total graduating population from three academic units donated. This is the highest ratio of giving among the graduating classes of 2013, 2012, and 2011.